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The principals / directors of
Saffron Consulting & Training Ltd are:

Julia Banks

Warren Banks

Julia and Warren started Saffron Consulting and Training Ltd in 2000. The objective was to offer our skill base to companies so they could achieve business success, realise R&D projects and continuously improve their health and safety, quality and environmental systems.

“I like to work within the company to develop systems that fit the company not just generic manuals that no-one refers to. My success is measured by the success of my customer and the buy-in evidenced within the company of the system improvements I have advocated.”

this means

  • Capturing what the company does, the procedures to successfully complete each task or operation;
  • providing guidance and training in areas identified as critical to the business;
  • achieving measurable improvement in company operations
  • maintaining continuous improvement of quality, health, safety and environmental criteria.

If nothing else Saffron consulting can give you a starting place – where are we at now and what do we have to do to achieve basic compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and associated regulations.

think of it as an investment in good business

We have over 50 years of accumulated knowledge from a variety of industries, particularly the chemical, food, agricultural and research industries, so that means we can offer any firm, large or small, a wealth of industrial expertise. We pride ourselves in being that ‘extra pair of hands’ your company needs to progress forward, to realise your dreams and to reach that new level of business success you aspire to.

Saffron Consulting can provide the following support customised to your business:

  • Workplace Safety Management systems
  • Industry approved training
  • Project management – we can get things started and maintain the momentum to project completion
  • ISO Quality management systems
  • Plant performance optimisation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Emergency Management and Business Continuity Planning
  • Environmental management systems
  • Commercialisation of technical discoveries including plant design and product registration through to patenting to protect your companies intellectual property and commercial advantage

We provide practical solutions to fit your business, introduce a common sense approach to health and safety, quality and environmental management issues so that your system is not only compliant with legislation but also enhances your day to day operation.

What can Saffron Consulting & Training Ltd do for you?

Get legally compliant

 New Zealand law requires companies to have health and safety considerations in all they do in order to create and maintain a safe working environment. These laws are under review now. Are you prepared? Other laws require that the operations of that company do not impact negatively on the working environment, the community environment where the company operates and must comply with RMA requirements of local and regional councils.

You may think this is a waste of time but implementing the right system is in fact ‘good business practice’.

Document what you do

Saffron Consulting will work with you to:

  • Standardise operating procedures to achieve optimal and consistent performance
  • Identify your risks and implement controls for a safer, more productive operation
  • Train staff in the ‘right’ procedures
  • Assist you to gain accreditation in the areas of quality, health and safety and environmental compliance

This achievement is a selling point for your company in the ever competing world of business. It also means you work smarter, reducing down time and rework, improve costs and employee and customer satisfaction. It also means if someone is away then the business will keep operating efficiently. You will have captured your intellectual property  – which makes your business what it is today.

Did you know there are cost benefits to be had by getting accredited or by being compliant with NZ law?

It is not just about being compliant. Why get accredited or compliant unless there is some cost benefit to the company?

  • How would you like to earn discounts in the ACC premiums you are paying?
  • How would you like to feel confident in your in-house systems to keep staff healthy and safe at work?
  • In an emergency will your company survive? Do you have a business continuity plan?
  • Are your systems robust enough that the company will survive if a key player in your organisation leaves?
  • How confident are you that your production / manufacturing systems and plant are operating efficiently and effectively? Is there room for improvement or optimisation?
  • Are there some ideas for improvement or innovation that you have been thinking about but just don’t know how to start or implement change?
  • Are you and your staff well trained to realise the best for the company?

Saffron Consulting can

  • Assess where you are at and what needs to be done to be compliant with best practice in H&S, quality and environmental management
  • Write and present courses customised to your business.
  • Develop a company Induction and safety training for new employees and contractors.

Saffron Consulting has

  • Successfully developed / maintained compliant workplace Health & Safety management systems for a multitude of industries since 2000.
  • Successfully developed / maintained ISO 9001 Quality Systems for a multitude of industries since 2000.
  • Written and reviewed manuals and procedures, conducted audits and provided training to achieve / maintain legislative standards.
  • Successfully implemented EnviroMark accreditation with a construction customer to Bronze level.
  • Routinely worked with 4 firms (manufacturing, chemical storage and construction and transport) maintaining their Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental management systems processes on a regular daily basis, being that extra pair of hands the company needed.

Previous work history & qualifications

1.    25 years in the food and chemical industry working for multinational companies, dealing with the consumer, institutional / hospitality and industrial markets in industrial chemistry, R&D, micro testing, marketing, auditing and training.
2.    20 years providing consultancy services to the chemical, transport, construction diary and manufacturing industries in NZ and Australia

3.    Liaison with regulatory boards regarding approvals, interpretation and implementation of government regulations eg WorkSafe NZ, NZ Food Safety Authority (AgriQual / MAF), Health Department and Dangerous Goods (ERMA).

4.    Product Stewardship – drafting Safety Data Sheets, product information, technical reports and marketing brochures posters and trade displays.

5.    Industry presence

  • Convenor of Café Scientifique Tauranga since 2012
  • Member of NZ Institute of Safety Management
  • Member of Priority One

6.    Qualifications

  • Risk Management & Assessment AS/NZS ISO 3100/HB9
  • NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occ Health and Safety – Management in International H&S
  • NEBOSH -Controlling workplace hazards & H&S practical application
  • Bachelor of Science, Waikato University

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